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  • ActionScript project trying to reference UIComponent

    I'm getting some pretty annoying behavior in version 8.1.

    I've included all the dependencies, and set up my project to compile as a AS3 project, but I'm getting an error that is looking for mx.core::UIComponent.

    VerifyError: Error #1014: Class mx.core::UIComponent could not be found.
    Could this be right? My project shouldn't be looking for anything in mx really, (especially the UIComponent) seeing as I am only compiling an AS3 project.

    I don't want to paste too much code, but I certainly feel the error is caused by this. Anyone have any ideas?

    _applicationContext = new XMLApplicationContext();
    _applicationContext.addConfigLocation( loaderInfo.parameters.appContext );
    _applicationContext.addEventListener( Event.COMPLETE, onComplete );

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    is it possible to run a debug build and post the stacktrace here?



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      is a bug

      I'm pretty sure that this is a bug, it has to do with this ticket:

      This has been fixed in the trunk, if you can try and compile your app with a build from the trunk you'll probably be without errors.

      Let us know how your results please,




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        Stack trace from trunk and tag build

        Ok... so I attached the stack trace in a text file to this message.

        I originally built the code from the trunk, but received the same error, so reverted to the tag to make sure I didn't do something silly.

        Thanks for the quick reply on this.


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          The bug fix: RE: 666shooter

          I looked at that bug and it seems to be the same issue, so I will try the trunk build again today. Just to make sure.


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            Trunk still has UIComponent error.

            Ok looks like you are right.

            The UIComponent reference is removed from the ObjectUtils class in the trunk.

            However, there is a reference in org.springextensions.actionscript.ioc.autowire:: DefaultAutowireProcessor.

            I guess piled these errors together when I compiled the two different projects.

            I logged a bug in Jira here ...

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