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  • Sub-App Loading Error

    The project I am working on has just started to use SpringAS for configuring the channels for RemoteObject -- and looking forward to implementing Spring for configuration of the Cairngorm objects.

    The project is made up of a main framework that loads in five seperate mxml apps using SWFLoader. Everything works well, with Spring except for an error that A class with the name '<application file name>' could not be found.

    I know that this error is returned when a class that is not compiled into the app is not available, but how would you get around this error when the class is not found because it is a seperate .swf file that is loaded?

    With the structure of the project, we are building each "module" as a seperate project using maven and then collecting all files module swf files into the war for deployment.

    Right now the project compiles and runs fine and normal "Run as", but the error comes up in the debugger as an unhandled exception/error.

    So my question is:
    1. How would I include the definition of the 'module' in the framework to remove the error, or 2. How would you effectively handle this error, because ultimately, the sub-module will be configured with its own app context and is not going to really on the application context defined at the framework level.

    Thanks for you help.

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    more info please

    Hey there,

    the problem you're describing does indeed sound like a common error, however the specific reasons are hard to come by without a little bit more information.
    Is is possible for you to create a small sample application that demonstrates the exact problem? That way we'll be able to figure out exactly where the problem lies and perhaps improve the library while we're at it.

    thanks a lot in advance,



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      More information


      Thanks for the response, yesterday, I attempted to create a simple application that would demonstrate the error I am seeing in the larger applicaiton. Unfortunately, I did not receive the same error in the simple application. In fact everything loaded correctly.

      So, for now, here is a portion of the error that shows up in the console, hopefully this will shed a little light on the problem. I will also continue to try and set the application up the same way to try and duplicate the error. Since everything appears to be running okay in normal mode, if you could give a suggestion for where to trap this error, that would be great so that the Flash Error alert box is not present that would be great. I do have a try/catch around the SWFLoader.load call, but that doesn't seem to be catching the error.

      Error: A class with the name 'authentication' could not be found.
      at org.as3commons.lang::ClassUtils$/forName()[C:\workspace\as3commons\as3-commons-lang\src\main\actionscript\org\as3commons\lang\Cla]
      at org.as3commons.lang::ClassUtils$/forInstance()[C:\workspace\as3commons\as3-commons-lang\src\main\actionscript\org\as3commons\lang\Cla]


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        so this is a message that only shows up in the console? There is no 'real' exception thrown in the player? In that case this is very much possible, the reflection library might be trying to instantiate an internal class for example, this happens quite a lot so you'll see a lot of trace messages that are not necessarily problematic.