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  • HTTPService Responder Called 2x in Delegate Using SAS + CG

    I know there's a bug in Flex SDK 3.4 where a HTTPService's responder get's called twice:

    I tested this workaround in a couple PoCs and it works fine, but when using it conjunction with SAS + CG, it seems to stick fact, I'm actually seeing the same delegate's responder called an additional time each time you call it after the first, almost like there's a static reference of it being held somewhere...and yes, there's only one constructor for each delegate, but there's multiple result handler methods getting called in the same delegate.

    So I killed my subclassing of the SAS + CG base delegate in my concrete delegate:

    org.springextensions.actionscript.cairngorm.busine ss.AbstractBusinessDelegate

    and just created the HTTPService in the delegate's call and it worked as expected with the result handler only getting called once, so I know that it exists somewhere in the SAS +CG framework.

    Is the current build of SAS created with Flex SDK 3.4? Other thoughts? *I haven't tried building it with mvn in some time, so I'm just using the SWCs provided for 0.8.1.



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    i have a sample app illustrating this issue if anyone wants to see it.


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      As far as I know the current SAS version is compiled using Flex Mojos 3.3, if you can indeed post the sample app I might try and find some time to investigate.
      Please post an issue for this in JIRA as well, than I'll certainly won't forget




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        this issue has been fixed in the Flex SDK. There is a new stable build ( available at

        Please update and let us know if the problem persists.



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          I meant to reply to this yesterday...after some further testing in an extremely small PoC, it appears to be isolated to the framework bug I mentioned in my first post...SAS is fine and I apologize for the incorrect info.

          CH, I can't use the stable builds as we're using framework RSLs and Adobe only creates those for milestone builds...since we're not going live for some time we're going to revert back to 3.3 and then hope that by the time we release (several months away) 3.5 will be out, which supposedly does have the fix:

          As a side note, if you are using 3.4, the issue persists even if you use the good ole addEventListener() method if you're pulling the service from a static object or a singleton...the only way I could get it to work in my tests was to do one of the following:

          1) Create the HTTPService as a local var in the Delegate (Del).
          2) Create a SL that creates a local version of the service when requested from a Del.
          3) We also had some success doing the following in our Base Dels:


          Ugly as sin, but we did see it function as expected.

          As I previously mentioned, we decided we'd just jump back to 3.3 rather than riddle our code with workarounds.