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  • Good examples of where to use Spring AS


    I've used (Java) Spring in a enterprise environment and a few questions regarding the AS version.

    The obvious (to me) uses of Spring AS are around externalizing remote service configuration, and indeed that seems to the focus of 95% of the articles out there.

    Lets say I don't want to develop a RIA (Flex or not) with an extensive service back-end, but rather a more standalone AS3 application, a few back-end interactions (1 or 2).

    The site would be more product/marketing orientated with content sections, navigation,swf address etc. Any suggestions?


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    i'm not sure...

    Hey Richard,

    its true that most of the examples focus on remoting (since this is quite a broad use-case for flex applications). But the patterns used for configuring a remote object are exactly the same as you'd use for any other kind of object tree configuration.
    What kind of of use-case are you refering to exactly? 'product/marketing orientated' seems rather broad to me as well Do you mean a way of externalizing the navigation structure? Or injecting data into the content views?




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      'Product/marketing' is a bit vague, probably because is a big area. But, yes, primary/sub navigation might be a good example. I guess you could inject the entire navigation structure into the application, including SWFaddress configuration etc from the config.

      As for other content, for example digital assets (images/text/audio/video), you'd expect to see this externalized via another config anyway such as a piece of XML published from a CMS.


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        prior to working on remoting enabled Flex/Flash apps, I have worked on a huge amount of XML driven Flash applications and believe me, I can't count how many custom XML parsers I have written back then. So I think Spring AS is the perfect tool to configure navigation and define content from XML snippets which are being parsed for you into domain objects.