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  • Moved: Pure AS3 and Prana, RSL questions

    Hello All,

    Theres a lot of talk on the web of RSL's being 'Flex only' which is simply not true, in fact an RSL is frightningly simple to do in actionscript, you just need to set the correct ApplicationDomain when loading. With this in mind I have being trying to use the prana rsl distribution with pure AS3 projects, with no luck because the current prana rsl haa flex dependancies. This is fine, I have setup a Flex library Project with the current prana source distribution and going through and excluding all classes that have flex references, however this is becoming tedious as the current distribution is tied to flex in many ways.

    Is there a diffinative AS3 only version of prana avaliable, if so is this a branch on the prana svn. I've checked out the current working version of the svn from sourceforge, however this does not seem to include the XMLApplicationContext that is needed for AS3 only projects, however this is included in the direct download link.

    This is confusing to say the least, I have also found that the version to have Flex dependancies. I quick way of categorically ensuring no Flex classes are required is to open the Flash IDE (I know kicking it old school), open the actions panel and try var c:XMLApplicationContext = null; and then test. You get the error that mx.utils.ObjectUtils could not be found, which is a dependancy found in the ObjectUtil class of the pranaframework.

    Any news and updates would be greatly appreciated, I know you guys are all busy and also that the project is moving to an offical spring extension, but any tips and hints would be greatly appreciated.


    Alex Fell

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    Hi Alex,

    the ObjectUtils dependency has been removed a while ago. Can you please try this again with the latest sources hosted at or the binaries at ?



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      Many thanks, I very impressed with this port of spring, the file size when compiled as release is a real selling point for me.

      Just 32kb (including some of my shell loading classes)!

      All is working well