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  • Spring AS known incompatibility ?

    Hi everyone,
    here is my desperate message regarding Spring AS.

    We developped a quite a big application using Spring AS as the dev. framework (btw great job guys) and it's working perfectly ... 90% of the time.

    We delivered the application (that passes hundreds of QA tests) to our custom, but on some of his computers the application is not working.
    We investigated and discovered that the problem comes from some [EventHandler] annotated functions that are never called when the event is fired !? whereas these functions are called in almost all browsers and computers...

    What is really weird is that the problem happens on some computers only and I didn't find any differences with the working ones.

    So I'm wondering if there are some known incompatibilities with this framework, because I absolutely have no idea what is wrong.

    Thank a lot,

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    Hi Tom,

    what you are describing is pretty worrisome indeed! I can't for the life of me think of what could be the reason behind this.
    I have never heard of this problem before either, there are no known incompatibilities or whatever. Plus, what's happening isn't really
    any different from what other frameworks do. The way that metadata is retrieved, the way that the ADDED_TO_STAGE event is handled, etc.
    These are pretty well-trodden paths in most as3 frameworks Do you have any more information on the exact specifications of the
    machines where the [EventHandler] metadata fails to be handled?




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      Hey there,

      one more thing, in your investigations, did you confirm that the event was fired *after* the eventhandler metadata was processed? Because I could imagine a scenario where these two situations can get out of sync.