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  • What happens with AbstractFormPage

    I was working hard the last month with rcp for a presentation to my boss, and I don't have possibility to read any messages.
    Today I refresh my local copy of rcp from cvs (sourceforge) and springframework 1.1, and .... I can't rebuild my applications :cry:

    I can't find AbstractFormPage, DefaultRulesSource, etc. etc.
    Help me Pls !!!!!


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    I Can't Build Either

    I have a similar story. I have been working with rcp for the last few days. Today I got the latest version of the code from CVS and now I can't build the petclinic sample. I get this error:

    [signjar] jarsigner error: java.lang.RuntimeException: keystore load: C:\Dev\cvshome\spring-richclient\samples\petclinic\balex.keystore (The system cannot find the file specified)


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      You should setup your own and obtain a certificate as per the instructions in


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        I apologize for the refactoring--hate that it surprised you like that :-( - I announced to the devlist a few days back but understand you've been busy coding.

        Anyway, I can help: AbstractFormPage has been renamed to "AbstractForm" within the org.springframework.richclient.forms package. Several new features have also been added to this base class.

        DefaultRulesSource is still there in the rules package; however, "UnaryPredicate" has been renamed "Constraint" and UnaryProcedure/Function have been collapsed into "Closure".

        Several other packages have been renamed from plural form to singular form for consistency, for example org.springframework.rules.constraints is now org.springframework.rules.constraint.

        Overall, organization is much better and the design is improved in many areas. We've also introduced a good many new features. Certainly check the archived email from me on the devlist in regard to refactoring last week to get more details on the recent changes.

        I hope you upgrading goes smoothley; it took me less than an hour for my app, but then again, I know where things are. Let me know if you have specific problems. I will monitor this thread closely.

        Cyboc -- Petclinic works as is: the problem you're related to is jar signing for the client/server issues - see Ben's note.


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          Sorry. I guess I was looking in the wrong places for instructions. I looked in:

          I'll try your suggestion. Thanks.


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            My keystore error was solved by using the instructions in Thanks!



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              Thanks KDonald, you have reason (again) : 1 hour more or less.
              I deleted all my local spring-richclient copy and I started a fresh rebuild. Now I attach spring-sandbox in my project because with spring 1.1, I removed the link to this.

              Only one thing is wrong. I needed touch the org.springframework.richclient.util.CustomizableFo cusTraversalPolicy because there is a reference to OverlayPanel and I can't find this class.

              Ufff, tomorrow I'll saw the app to my boss.
              Regards (las plantas).


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                sorry about the CustomizableFocusTraversalPolicy problem I rushed to commit my changes before I went home last night :oops: It should be fixed now.



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                  I want to thank you for your help. The presentation was very fine and now I "only" need work hard in the application.
                  For our customer we want to build a rich client application with 6-8 operators that interacts with EJB components in an J2ee server.
                  At least, for me this like very interesting !!!!

                  Perhaps If you want to watch the progress I can upload in some place (but as any spanish programmer the source will be in spanenglish :lol: )