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  • Spring RCP <=> Netbeans RCP


    I allready work with spring in my last Web Project, I like it!!

    Now I have to do an Application Project, does the spring RCP has one tool to Design like the Netbeans RCP that I don't know?

    Thank you


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    If you are asking whether Spring RCP has a large widely used application that has been developed with it as an example of what it can do, such as Netbeans is for the Netbeans RCP, I am not aware of anything. Sample Spring RCP application can be found in the spring-richclient-samples packages. The petclinic application is often used as an example starting point.

    If you are asking if you need a certain tool to develop a Spring RCP application, the answer is no. You can use any IDE you like, or none at all if you prefer developing in text editors such as notepad, vi, emacs, etc.

    Hope this addressed your question.


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      There is a (two year old) Netbeans-Plugin for Spring RCP.


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        Doh, my mistake, I had forgotten about that. I got stuck thinking he was asking about a visual designer, such as matisse.

        here's a link to the plugin morb mentioned if anyone else needs it: