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  • How does the presentation model relates to the rcp architecture?

    How does the presentation model relates to the rcp architecture?

    I am using rcp for more than 4 years, and the infrastructure provided by TableFormBuilder seams to consolidade the role of View and Presentation Model. Almost because the add method creates the binding behind the scenes. To overcome this I am using an abstract method where I retrieve the ValueModel for each field that I need to observe. Example:

    	public void initUILogic(FormModel formModel) {
    		productVM = formModel.getValueModel("product");
    		productVM.addValueChangeListener(new ProductChangeObserver());
    With that I can use the feature of BufferedFormModel and still respond to user interaction within the presentation model. But it feels messy...
    For example, the method initUILogic() must be called from the View and pass it as a parameter. But this is a violation of the pattern.

    Can you help me?

    All I can think of is to stop using the TableFormBuilder and create all the bindings myself.


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