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  • spring 3.0 support using a branch

    Is there a forum to request an experimental branch to be created for spring rcp? I am interested in targeting spring framework 3.0 and am willing to put some work into it. Thought this would be a good first step and doing it on a branch would cause less confusion. Over the past few weeks I put a few hours into adding namespace parsing support, startup changes in the way services are handled and a few other nitnacks. I saw the sandbox project but I think this is something alittle different.

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    spring 3

    Maybe check this out


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      I have looked there and spring rcp does work with spring 3 thanks to that project. I was just looking to something so that when the standard rcp libraries are pulled into my app, its already at the right spring framework level.

      Some other external libraries I use depend on spring framework being at 3.

      While I know its more involved than just the change I describe below, I have a little bit of time to work on the update. For example, I recently submitted an issue with a fix that resolves the ResourceMapFactoryBean spring3 problem and documented the use of a PropertiesFactoryBean for image resources that works in 2.5 and 3.x without the specific bluebell fix.


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        Originally posted by watcher View Post
        it looks like the project just started and not too much information is available.. could you please in brief describe how it could help me to migrate with Spring RCP to Spring 3.0 release? - sorry I did not catch this from the bluebell site


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          spring 3

          The reason I pointed you to the website is the developer of bluebell seems to be trying to acheive the same goals.

          See here


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            Hi all,

            I'm the project manager of bluebell, I'm working on a very first stage of this project. My aim is to provide an abstraction layer over spring rcp that make it easy developing applications following a common and professional structure.

            Note this is not a Spring RCP branch, it's indeed an extension that provides Substance, VLDocking, SwingX and JideOSS support out of the box.

            I would like to release a version ASAP but I have limited time after my job (anyway you can see Subversion activity is high). Once this version were released any contribution will be really appreciated.


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              That's a good objective. I actually went ahead and started retooling the basic spring rcp for the update to spring 3 and am refactoring a few things along the way. I'll post the entire experimental branch once the tests are far enough along to ensure its a decent release. Its more infrastructure retooling and I am not trying to be bound by backward rcp API compatibility....although most of the refactoring is inside the core classes. Fortunately, current spring is not too far away from the spring available at the time of spring rcp creation. I am trying to take the learnings around convention and configuration and make the core more pluggable across the board.

              At the moment, startup processing has been retooled a bit, added namespace parser support to make it easier to setup needed basic services and bean objects, and am currently adding more autowiring and injection support across components to reduce the need to subclass. There are a number of lessons learned from various spring ecosystem projects (including the ones Donald Keith works on), griffon, grails and eclipse rcp that can be put to good use.

              Julio perhaps I can post the branch to your subversion site so folks can monitor it if they wish? It'll take awhile to finish a full pass through and get the tests working. Perhaps it would be a basis of ideas to pull back into the core project trunk at a later date. I do not think my changes should affect yours although I did not glance at all of your code.


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                Aappddeevv, there is no problem on it. I think collaboration is a good approach so it will be a pleasure for me to help you and the community.

                You can mail me for further help.

                In other terms, I want to clarify Bluebell tries to complement Spring RCP classes whithout modifying them. Bluebell is designed in a modular way and will always keep full compatibility with its core - Spring RCP.

                So, Bluebell consists on a set of interface implementors, new classes and, for sure, configuration. Every single Spring RCP service implementor is parametrized using a PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer approach.

                I hope to find time to build a wiki with more interesting "developer side" Bluebell features, such as AOP inclusion, new BeanPostProccessors to introduce behaviour in a transparent way, the configuration approach explained above, SL4J migration, Maven extended configuration, Coquete icon sets employment, etc.


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                  Don't know if anyone is reading this thread, but I am still working my way through a rogue branch of the project and updating a bunch of internal elements, one of which is validation. I'm almost through a big enough chunk to post something.

                  I was wondering if anyone uses the rules source for validation? Its looks like its fairly close to JSR303 but I wanted to see if it could be broken out. Are people still using it?


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                    I follow this thread and we use the rules source for validation.

                    A port to spring 3 will be much appreciated.


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                      We use rules source for validation too and I'm looking forward to see Spring RCP solutions to use Spring 3.