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    Oh I will always advocate for thick rich clients in certain applications. The right tool for the right job. Web clients have a *LONG* ways to go to even begin to compare to rich clients, especially cross platform clients like Swing.

    However, these arguments often fall on deaf ears and given time web clients will slowly catch up in ability - although I bet by that time they will be almost as thick as something like Swing which was there all along. I could go on and on, but it isn't necessary - I would be preaching to the choir.

    I like GWT because it feels like Swing, I can write the client and server code almost completely in Java and I can debug in Java. There are some times when I can't. More annoying is that GWT still doesn't completely address all of the issues of browser compatibility, but I think it does the best job of the frameworks I have looked at, and it is *almost* pure Java.


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      I've said in the past that web clients are one of the reasons why a lot of projects either seriously go over their initial budget, or fail altogether. Web frameworks are great from a deployment point of view, which is one of the main selling points of webapps (management loves to hear instant deployment and updates). However, deployment is only a mere fraction of the effort involved in a project. When choosing a tech, managers should start by looking at what users they'll be serving AND what they might be asking in terms of usability, functionality and interactivity (all those -ty words, it's almost buzzword bingo). How many times are users confronted with a web application that doesn't really hold up to their expectations 'because what they asked wasn't possible in a webapp'?
      I'm not a real fan of GWT, although I must agree that it has more affinity towards traditional rich client development. But then again, GWT is only a babystep away from full rich client applications.