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  • Documentation effort

    Together with the new release, I'm working on some reference documentation. I already wrote it in a Word document, now I'm transferring it to the docbook format.
    A preview can be viewed here;, I'll update it as I go along
    As soon as it's ready, I'll put it somewhere more stable. Sourceforge is proving to be a real PITA lately...
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    Thank you very much for your effort on writing a documnetation on Spring RCP. Even though I have experience on using Spring as an IOC container, I'm absolutely new to Spring RCP. I tried my best to find resources to learn Spring RCp but realized Spring RCP lacks of documnetation and reference materials. I would be really grateful, if you could publish a comprehensive reference guide on Spring RCP as soon as possible. I know it's not an easy task as I say. But the lack of docs on Spring RCP, makes really hard to get started using it.

    And another thing, is any java-doc available for Spring RCP? I didn't notice that, that's why I asked.


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      Hi, I was wondering how far you got with the documentation effort. The link is broken, so it might be accessible else where?

      PS: I have to say that I like the thought of spring rcp as a well documented project.


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        You can check out the trunk and build the documentation yourself.

        i built and uploaded the current snapshot here:
        browse online


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          So, I have a related question:

          Where is the definitive project site that pulls all this together?

          I see various docs (the ones in referenced in this thread, some on the Confluence wiki(?), some elsewhere?) some of which I can't tell whether they are being maintained or not.

          Ditto with the Sourceforge page: lot's of either broken links or empty pages. Some of the docs here are broken and have references to classes/interfaces that don't exist in the Javadocs.

          I understand that the project isn't complete, in a state of transition, etc., I just want to make sure that I am looking in the right places for what I need. I don't want to waste time looking at stuff that is no longer maintained and out of date.



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            As of release 1.1.1, a full reference manual will be provided on the project site. The ones on the wiki are heavily outdated, your best bet are the links Core-Dump provided. That's the manual that will be provided.