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  • Any news on a 0.1 release?

    I've been assigned the user interface aspect of our system which will mainly be coded with Java/Swing. This is great news (coming from someone who has had to do Perl/TK -- ugh). However, I've been doing some initial research for libraries/tools/design concepts to help structure applications that are easy to develop and maintain.

    I've already come across Karsten's work and had a play with some of the libraries (Jgoodies Looks, Forms, etc) but was looking for something to piece all of these disperate libraries together into one cohesive framework. I thought I was out of luck until stumbling across Spring RCP, I have yet to look through the code (firewall at work) but from what I have been reading from the wiki, the framework looks like a good base to work from.

    I have one large problem though, without even an initial point release it will be nearly impossible for me to convince my team lead, and his sensiors, about picking up Spring RCP. Yes I am aware that "alpha release" and "not ready for production" have been mentioned all over the RCP site, and that all of the commiters are currently busy working on commercial jobs. There hasn't been any posts regarding the actual project status for a while so I'm just wondering are there any rough estimates?

    Also, keep up the good work, I was suprised when first looking into Swing that there were no lightweight UI frameworks that provide a complete base to start from. Sure, there are the Eclipse RCP and others, but these would be not be suitable for our environment. Also, up-to-date swing books that just don't regurgitate the Swing api and components are hard to come across. I'm about to purchase a subscription to Scott Delap's "Java Desktop Live", I'm hearing good things about this book.

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    We're working -- one of our core comitters, Oliver Hutchison, can particularly speak to several new major enhancements in the data binding and validation infrastructure.



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      Thanks Keith, I will keep my eye on the project. I finally managed to get a working copy today (grumbles, company firewall) and will enjoy getting familiar with framework.


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        Se the news group where Oliver posted a message about all his changes.


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          i check out,but find no change/?

          why? I use the eclipse to check out,no new about 0.1 's


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            sorry,i get a mistake



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              I also got CVS Spring RCP, but I feel don't have any change in source code.

              How about the first release?



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                Which CVS did you use?

                Hi wallness,

                which CVS settings did you use to check out the rcp?

                Did you get it from






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                  Hi Kambiz,

                  I'm get it from /cvsroot/spring-rich-c

                  after that, today, I use Eclipse tool to synchronize or update, but the console show me don't have any change



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                    I tried half an hour ago and had 5 files updated.

                    I've read several times that due to Sourceforge CVS server mirroring, it can take some time until changes in the repository are propagated to all servers.

                    So, you should probably try again later.



                    PS: these are the files which were updated

                    U src/org/springframework/richclient/factory/
                    U src/org/springframework/richclient/factory/
                    U src/org/springframework/richclient/form/binding/support/
                    U src/org/springframework/richclient/form/binding/support/
                    U src/org/springframework/richclient/form/builder/


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                      Thnks very much!

                      Ps: I have small question.
                      What's packages I need when develop with SpringRCP.

                      Thank you for help!


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                        Hi wallness,

                        it depends on what you want to achieve with Spring rich.

                        Have you already looked into the user documentation at the wiki:



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                          Not yet,
                          I'll take a look



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                            Do you know when SpringRCP have the first release?