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  • How to not show the splash screen at startup

    Hello guys, I'm new to this forum, and before I post anything new, I tried to look for answers, but I didn't find any for this:

    Is it possible to hide the display of the splash screen? I just don't want it to be shown.

    I'm using the simple sample from the RCP 0.2.1, and I tried the following:
    - Removing the bean from the startup xml --> it results in a null pointer exception.
    - Passing null or an empty string to the constructor of the Application Launcher --> it results in a null pointer exception.
    - Using a different constructor of the Application Launcher that doesn't require the startup context --> it results in a null pointer exception...

    Any ideias?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just comment out the complete splashScreen-Bean, and it won't show up anymore. If you don't have any additional beans defined in the startup-context.xml file, you can safely remove it (don't forget to remove it also from the ApplicationLauncher-constructor).


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      I'm going to try that, later I'll post if it worked.


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        It didn't work.

        Here is what I did:

        In the file richclient-startup-context.xml, I commented these lines:

        <bean id="splashScreen"
        class="org.springframework.richclient.application. SplashScreen"
        <property name="imageResourcePath">

        And in the, instead of calling this constructor of the ApplicationLaucher:

        new ApplicationLauncher(startupContextPath, new String[] { richclientApplicationContextPath });

        I called this constructor (that doesn't use the startupContextPath):

        new ApplicationLauncher(new String[] { richclientApplicationContextPath });

        It gives this error:

        INFO: Loading startup context...
        31/05/2007 17:41:30 org.springframework.richclient.application.Applica tionLauncher loadRootApplicationContext
        WARNING: Exception occured initializing application startup context.
        at org.springframework.richclient.application.Applica tionLauncher.loadRootApplicationContext(Applicatio
        at org.springframework.richclient.application.Applica tionLauncher.<init>(
        at org.springframework.richclient.application.Applica tionLauncher.<init>(
        at SimpleApp.main(

        What am I doing wrong?


        P.S.: I'm using version 0.2.1 of spring rich client.


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          Originally posted by Felipe View Post
          P.S.: I'm using version 0.2.1 of spring rich client.
          I think this may be the problem, I only tested it on the version from SVN, where it works. I'd recommend to work on the SVN-version, as it contains several bugfixes and improvements, for detailed instructions see .

          You still can install a snapshot of your freshly checked out version in your local maven-repository and save a copy of the build, if you're afraid of refactorings breaking your app.


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            I searched on Spring-RCP JIRA and found the following issue:

            This behaviour has been fixed by another patch:

            As the fix is from January 2007 it won't be included in your version, as it's from September 2006.


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              Thanks for your help! Now it worked!

              I followed the instructions at, installed Subversion and so on, got the source code and built it. I then used Maven to get it under my workspace, commented the application startup context XML bean for the splash screen, and it didn't show!

              Thanks again for your help!