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  • Example Applications

    Are there any example RCP applications other than the petclinic available? I have been looking through the petclinic example and was wondering if there were different ideas out there?


    ps: nothing wrong with the petclinic, I just like a little variety

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    I'm currently working on a filemanager to show off the capabilities of spring-rcp and jdic.

    For the moment, there's not much to see, but I'm working on it.



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      I work database table framework application with hibernate,spring rcp and idw docking window

      I can now make form with search for any property, automatic find primary key (required and readonly), foreign key (have posibilities that see list of values LOV), required field from hibernate mapping
      I have insert,update delete row now
      - search and LOV can be as you type
      - I have form view,table view and LOV view for class/table and I can sort with any combinations of properties in form (for instance sort by date ASC, order ID desc etc)
      user choose sort with click in header of table

      I plan add yet detail view for master/detail relations, better support for different types, add pattern for rows (for instance user save current form state in pattern with name and later call pattern row except populate all fields) etc

      I hope that demo is ready for a few days



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        Hi Snpe

        How is your demo going?



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          in a few days I make little description.For now, this is screenshoot

          You can see search choose for last name with s (like , case sensitive) and type 0 (like) and sort
          with type of order asc , then for order id desc

          There is hibernate dynamic generated HQL query.

          I have to finish yet : localization, add yet a few examples and make description

          For distribution I need yet time because I try it with in memory hsql

          I try jdic web browser (for help view) on linux with moziilla 1.6 and mozilla 1.7 libraries (last jdic cvs before 2-3 days) ad it don't work too good - first screen show correct, but I have trash when I work with docking window (resize or maximize) - I don't sure it is problem wiht jdic or infonode docking, but I get gtk errors (jdic work with native libraries) - infonode docking window work fine for other things - I don't try on windows - I don't like it, but if it work only on windows (or only on linux) it isn't for me



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            Thanks Snpe. I look forward to your next posting