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  • Initial questions/comments after prototyping w/ srcp

    After working with rcp for awhile I'd like to ask a couple questions, to make sure I'm doing things right. Overall the experience has been great. Some observations:

    1) My UI is fairly 'custom', in that it's not a typical Eclipse/Docking/petstore looking app. I wanted to get rid of the title bar from the SimpleInternalFrame in PageComponentPane. It doesn't look like I can do it in the xml beans setup - I had to extend DefaultApplicationPage.createPageComponent so it would create my non-SimpleInternalFrame page. I also had to modify the DefaultApplicationPage source to add a getPageComponents() so that I could override the DefaultApplicationPage.createPageComponent function (pageComponents is private). Is there not an easy way to do it?

    2) The overlay validation interceptor has a bug in a scrollview with the layout. I found a JIRA bug and added a patch.

    3) How do I run validation when I initialize and load up a form? I found this commented out:
    protected void postProcessNewFormValueModel(String domainObjectProperty, ValueModel valueModel) {
    // trigger validation to catch initial form errors
    if (valueModel instanceof ValidatingFormValueModel && isEnabled()) {

    4) I can't seem to get rid of the status bar, I haven't looked at it much, but
    didn't work. Any ideas?

    5) What's the preferred way of getting specific domain objects to page/view forms for binding? Launching a page doesn't really have a way of 'passing' domain object parameters, just Application.instance().openWIndow(...)

    Thanks, the framework's been great!

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    Cool! Looks like you've really got into it.

    I can tell you we have or will create JIRA issues for all of those issues and are working to resolve them.

    1. Yes, we want this configurable.
    2. Got the patch. Will integrate.
    3. A workaround for unfortunately an inheritent flaw in a small part of the form model design. This is a high priority.
    4. Will open a JIRA issue.
    5. In-progress "Editor" support will provide this: editors take an editor input, for editing a backing domain object for example.

    Glad Spring Rich has helped you out! Thanks for the great feedback,