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  • Application with tree on left and editor for selected node on right

    I've just started looking at Spring RCP and I'd like to create an application with a tree on the left and an editor for the currently selected object on the right. Is this easily done in Spring RCP, and does Spring RCP offer any help with controlling the edit/save/cancel lifecycle in this case? I.e. if a user selects an object and starts editing it but then clicks on another tree node before saving I'd like to display a "Do you want to save your changes" dialog with Yes, No and Cancel options - is this something that Spring RCP can help me with, or is this functionality I'd have to code myself?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated (and sample code would be great!)

    Thanks in advance,

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    JIDE integration - a possible solution?

    I think JIDE integration might be a solution althogh I haven't tried it yet. With JIDE you can create dockable views - check their demo on their site ( I think I've already seen one or more topics on this forum about this topic - you might want to search for it... The bad thing about JIDE is that it costs - i'm not sure if there is also a freeware part of their libraries to integrate with a Spring RCP app.
    On the current project i'm involved into, i'll try to use views (i have three JTree components); as for the "editor area" i'll try to find a solution with a JTabbedPane or something like this...
    Hope this helps! I'll continue checking myself this topic from time to time - i'm also a newbie using Spring RCP; this subject might be helpful for me either!


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      link to Jide integration topic

      Check this topic about JIDE integration - check the screenshots too!
      Would you be so kind to tell me if you find a viable solution?