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  • Table framework filtering -first cut

    I have first cut design table framework - it is raw yet, but I can see base idea

    screenschoots : (normal mode with no filter)

    View ' orders' is form view - 'order.table' is table searched rows (currently)

    in form user can search, update, add, delete and navigate table

    form have next function (tollbar commands) :
    new row
    cancel search
    save (store) changes
    rollback changes
    delete row
    first, previous page, previous (first row , page rows (10 rows) back, previous rows)
    next like previous
    auto commit on/off - user can choose that commit changes automatic when go to next row, new row, search etc

    I have 3 modes in form :

    normal mode - update row in database
    new row -

    Problem 1 : I don't want validation in search mode (for instance , field Order ID is required, but it don't required for search)

    problem 2 : status bar go up to form (see screenshoot) - it is problem with TableFormBuilder

    Search can work : as you type or when you click search toolbar (same command is for go to search mode and search)

    I type S in last name and dbForm choose all rows with Sxxxxx - it is as you type and it is quick for my table
    (3458 rows in table; 278 with first character S in last name) - this is example for progress bar and thread (later)
    - for bigger table user can choose 'as you type off'
    User can filter for every field in form - field must be persistent in hibernate only

    Field 'last name' not in base form table - it is in employee table, but hibernate is smart and I can do it easy

    I use hql (not criteria), because criteria in hibernate 2.1 don't work with scrollable resultset and I wouldn't like all rows in memory (I will change this when
    I upgrade to 3.0 - scroll result work with criteria in 3.0)

    My next plan : robust hql search and sorting
    Sorting plan :
    begin : form designer can set any sorting and user can choose own
    when user click on header column 'order ID' table is sort by order id ascending;when click again sorting is desc; when click on last name sorting
    is 'order id' desc, last name etc

    Please help me for problem with validation

    Haris Peco

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    problem 2 : status bar go up to form (see screenshoot) - it is problem with TableFormBuilder
    I suggest you use a BorderLayout to place the status bar at the bottom. TableFormBuilder should only be use the to layout the form.



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      It is fine - I use BorderLayout for outer panel, but I have to set form to JScrollPane 1 and
      outer panel (toolbar,form and statusbar) to scrollpane 2