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  • Spring-richclient 0.2.1

    The spring-richclient team is proud to announce spring-richclient 0.2.1, thanks to the hard work of Mathias, Larry, Peter, Jan, me, the rest of the team and the community:

    Spring-richclient 0.2.1 has several improvements, such as better view support,
    new binders (shuttlelist, nachocalendar, tiger enums), a new sample "simple",
    more improvements and over 50 bugfixes.

    If you're coming from 0.1.0, take a look at

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    Animated gif in splash doesn't nicely work anymore


    First of all I would like to thanks you and all the team and community for this new release, I just download it via maven and launch my application and every thing seems ok. Thx

    I have just noticed one thinks in my splashscreen I have an animated gif and now instead to see the animation nicely moving all images of the animation stays and are not removed and at the end we see all images, which compose the animation, on the screen.

    Do you have any Idea?

    Thanks again.


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      I rollbacked to the previous version (0.2.0) and I still have the problem, but if I rollback to a version I had (0.2.0-SNAPSHOT) which I donwloaded the 30/Aug/2006 the problem doesn't appear. Maybe this information could help to find the issue.

      Thanks and Best Regards
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        I just did the publicity/website. Jan did the real release work and Matthias, Larry and Peter did most of the fixed issues.

        Peter made a big refactor of the splash screen, with several improvements and bugfixes (it didn't use to work on Linux etc). This is probably a side effect, please create an issue for it. follow to right link to JIRA.


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          Thanks and Done


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            Spring 2.0 compatability


            Could you confirm or refute my belief that Spring Rich Client is only compatable with Spring 1.2. I was trying to work up a test app last night but the rest of my code is dependent upon Spring 2.0 - When I tried to create an ApplicationLauncher, I got an error - the code appears to be attempting to access a protected method in Spring's AbstractApplicationContext.

            What's the status of Spring Rich Client and Spring 2.0?




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              At this time we're waiting on spring 2.0 to become final (Ben Hale also promised good pom's for the 2.0 final, see issue ???-1484) but the plan was/is to get spring-richclient 0.3.0 dependend on spring 2.0.

              Matthias said on the mailing list something about a branch with some small changes to be compatible with spring 2.0, but I have no idea if that has been merged into the trunk yet. He's be able to shed a better light on this.


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                spring rich 0.2.0 has been tested with spring 1.2 and spring 2.0-rc2. Only the samples will have some problems with the dependencies.

                @markjvickers: Could you post a stack trace with your problem?


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                  Problem resolved Mathias

                  "spring rich 0.2.0 has been tested with spring 1.2 and spring 2.0-rc2."

                  I was using Spring 2.0 m2, which I suppose is somewhat dated at this point.
                  I've bumped myself up to Spring 2.0 rc4 - the problem i was facing previously has now gone away.

                  Looking forward to digging in to spring rich-client now - thanks