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  • kotesh
    started a topic Session Management between thick client and server

    Session Management between thick client and server

    My application is swings based application

    This is my requiement.
    User run the client application, key-in userId and password and click submit.
    at the server-side i check whether userId, password is valid then I want to put userId into session.
    when user tries for another operation then at the server side i will first check whether session userId is not null and perform the action.

    How can I maintain session Management at serverside in spring framework...

    Any help is appreciated..
    Pass me any references.

    Thank You,

  • Andrius Šabanas
    Controlling Spring RCP client concurrent sessions?


    I have a Spring RCP client app communicating with POJO services using Spring HttpInvoker. Spring RCP integration with Acegi works nice for me. Now I would like to have some kind of session tracking for controlling concurrent sessions. Specifically, I want to intercept repeated login attempts and provide a choice of either cancelling a login or terminating the previous session. How could I achieve this? Any guidelines would be greatly appreciated (what to extend/configure, where to look, etc.).


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  • lstreepy
    You'd probably do better by posting your question on the Eclipse RCP forums.


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  • jsilva
    Is simply to do that with Eclipse RCP?

    I use the Eclipse Rich Client and i want to do the same with my Tomcat Server, keep a threadlocal with the credetinals of the current user for accesing the httpinvoker exposed services.

    Before look at the Spring Rich Client code and implement it, i ask if anybody knows some similar (i don't want re-invent the weel).

    Thank in advance


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  • Ben Alex
    Are you trying to integrate with a (Http?)Session solely for security purposes?

    If so, just use the integration already provided in Spring Rich. It authenticates a user's username and password by sending a request across (via a remoting proxy factory) to a server-side Acegi Security processing bean. If the username and password is valid, back goes the list of GrantedAuthority[]s to the Spring Rich client. Spring Rich then sets a local ContextHolder (which is a ThreadLocal object) containing the validated username, password and GrantedAuthority[]s. It also publishes a LoginEvent which is consumed by the curityConfigurer, which sets the username and password on each of application context-defined remoting proxy factories. This then means those remoting proxy factories will present the username and password via BASIC authentication, and again on the server-side Acegi Security handles the automatic integration.

    Check out the Petclinic Rich Client sample, which uses this mechanism in its client-server version. Or if you have other requirements, please feel free to elaborate.

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