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  • JGoodies binding

    I'm investigating mechanisms for binding views with JavaBeans. I have spent some time with JGoodies Binding ( and think it could be useful. I'm wondering if Rich Client has similar mechanism and if not, would there be any problem to inetegrate JGoodies Binding with Rich Client, which I just started to look at.


    Bing Ran

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    we do indeed have a binding framework. In fact, it closely resembles JGoodies binding; both rely heavily on "value models" and it would be fair to say that we've consciously tried to keep our interfaces similar to Karsten's.

    For some examples have a look at the source code for our sample application "pet clinic" and also check out:



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      Kartsen and I have both taken action to make it easier to use either binding library (his, or ours)--the designs are similiar, and we've purposefully aligned a good deal in terms of interfaces & terminology.

      While we've considered merging with Karsten's effort in entirety, as of this time we're continuing to innovate because binding is viewed as a core concern for us. To my knowledge, we have the most advanced bean binding implementation to date, notably because we are leveraging Spring to do it. This includes full support for fine-grained bean-based domain models, with nested/indexed/mapped properties.


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        I try jgoodies binding too and it's fine, but spring rcp is superior.My favorite features are

        validation - as you type
        nested bean binding - it is cool with o/r mapping like hibernate

        I don't like JFormattedField binding in jgoodies, but validation is after focus lost and user loose



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          Thank you all for the replies. I'm looking into rcp right now and hopefully I will see what I like to see, such as buffered value changes, commit values changes in batch and roll-back/reset etc.

          In the meantime I really like to use JGoodies Forms, especially after I have had very positive experience with JFormDesigner - I could easily lay out very complex forms with the tool, all with proper resizing behavior. I understand that the rcp builder support will creating bindings automatically when adding controls to the form. I'm windering if somehow I can "maunally" bind the controls from the designer generated forms to JavaBeans, so that I can take advantage the best of both world.