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  • I posted a copy of the svn javadocs on my website

    I need to be able to read the javadocs, and from multiple locations, so I decided to post them on my personal website. This is so I can personally access one set of docs both at home and while I'm at work.

    I know everyone has access to the documents through a maven build job, but it would be nice to get one copy up and running on the internet, definitely for those who haven't downloaded things yet. And as I've come to learn in the open source community, if you want something done, you've got to do it yourself.

    If you'll notice, this page is my overall view of Spring, but I do have a section towards the bottom dedicated to Spring RCP, and I have a link to each set of javadocs that I have posted.

    I am working on a cron job to do a nightly update of my snapshot, and then re-run maven to update and regenerate the docs. Spring RCP looks very appealing, and this was the least I could do to help give back to the community.

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    Our outdated javadocs are actually online:

    I have an open issue to aggregate the javadocs across all modules (benoit send me some poms on how to do that). I saw the Jnlp... javadoc from the tiger module isn't in yours yet either.

    We currently have continuum (= cron job) running for compile and install. And it works well. The next step is to make it generate and deploy the site. But there was an issue with mvn site-deploy haninging on the support module, so we can't add that like this in continuum.

    We can post a link to your site on, but as soon as continuum also does mvn site-deploy, it's obsolute I am afraid :/
    If you have patches for the poms or the site docs or anything, they are very welcome Feel free to poke me regularly so I apply them during the weekend and don't let them get out of date.
    One thing thoug: having a stable build is more important then having a cool new report, so I am bit conservative in adding maven reports.


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      When we have stable javadocs, I'll remove my links

      Whenever it stabilizies and you have the site, I'll remove it. Until then, I'll keep using my mechanism. I'm troubleshooting my cron job, so its up-to-date. I don't really have time to learn all the mechanics of maven, so I'm satisfied to have the javadocs on hand.


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        Sounds good

        There's a bug in aggregating that will be fixed as soon as they release maven-javadocs-plugin 2.1. As for javadocs automated deployment, I am looking into it, but nightly's have a higher priority.


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          Okay, I now have hourly cron job working...

          I managed to get an hourly cron job working that updates my personal svn copy, and then regenerates javadocs. This is about as up-to-date as things get.


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            Switched hourly cron job to daily cron job

            Since I wasn't seeing high volume of traffic, and it would aggravate me when my PC started a build cycle, I backed off cron job to once-a-day.


            I caught on to the aggregation of javadocs and updated links appropriately.