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  • JideApplicationWindow

    A quick note.

    Since a recent refactoring the Jide integration does not work. In ApplicationWindow there are 2 new methods that needs to be overriden like this:

    protected JComponent createWindowContentPane()
    return null;

    protected void setActivePage(ApplicationPage page){
    getFrame().getDockingManager().getWorkspace().remo veAll();

    This means that if you need to set up a new page you just call setActivePage with an existing JideApplicationPage.

    If theres any one, like say Matthias, who has a thought about this being the right way of doing it give us a note. I return null from createWindowContentPane since Jide dockingmanager handles the content.


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    The createWindowContentPane() method should not return null, but instead the root dockingport (or whatever it is called in Jide) from Jide.

    hope this helps,



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      thanks for posting these changes, and thanks Peter for the clarification.

      FYI. I'm planning on looking into bringing the Jide integration code level with the current rcp head sometime next month. It seems about time and I'll tag the current cvs contents as compatible with version 0.1.

      I've made some other changes locally (such as a Maven2 migration) that'd I'd also like to commit and I'm hoping next month I'll have the time to do this. The recent changes to some of the binding/binder code will also effect some of the integration code.



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        I really would like an update of the Jide integration. I update the sources nearly every day .


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          Hi Shake

          I've changed my Jide integration so it works without editors so It would be a bit of wok for me and I am vedry pressed for the moment. Maybe Jonny could handle this? Ask him if he got the time, otherwise its not that much work to get it up an running it just takes a bit of time to understand how it works. Ask away if you need some leads and I'll get back to you on it.