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  • Guarding a JButton in Matisse form

    I have been blending Spring RCP with some Matisse-based forms with pretty good luck. I am using the ListSingleSelectionGuard in conjunction with the AbstractObjectTable to disable certain toolbar buttons when appropriate. That works fine. However, I've encountered a problem with the following scenario:

    1) Create custom JButton on a Matisse form.

    2) Create SwingActionAdapter using the TargetableActionCommand that I want to be guarded.

    3) Construct SingleSelectionGuard using the TargetableActionCommand in step 2. The selection guard is for the AbstractObjectTable.

    4) I then call setAction() on my JButton and give it the SwingActionAdapter from step 2. This works fine...I get my label and icon from the Action as I expect and the button works. The JButton works as expected, but it is NEVER guarded in spite of the fact that I have my ListSingleSelectionGuard set up on the AbstractObjectTable.

    I would expect the JButton to be disabled, or at the very least, I would expect the Action invocation to be ignored when the guard condition is met.

    I guess the question can be summed up as follows:

    I can create an Action from a TargetableActionCommand using the SwingActionAdapter class. Then I can set up a JButton with said Action. After doing that, is there a way to block that Action from being executed by applying a guard to the TargetableActionCommand?

    The code is too scattered to post here, but hopefully the list above explains the situation adequately for one of the experts to lend a hand.

    BTW, props to all those who built this framework. This is truly excellent & important work.


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    Please Disregard Previous Question - It Works!

    I found the problem in my code. This scenario works with Spring RCP!