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  • JVM crash on startup


    strange experience I've been having the last few days and I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar. I've been experimenting with using the Mule ESB. They provide integration with the spring event mechanism with makes it very easy to send events to a remote service via JMS, or other mechanisms. I personally think this meshes very well with the event driven basis of a swing app and, since this can be made all asychronous, does away with the need for swing workers, spin, foxtrot or whatever.

    Anyway, I've been trying to get this going and when I try to add the Mule beans to a Spring RCP application it crashes the JVM. The stack trace says within awt.dll. Now, the Mule client beans start fine in a non RCP spring app (my integration tests of the mule based service, and of course the Spring RCP app. starts fine without these beans declared in the app. context. Anyone seen anything like this before?

    I've got around it by putting the Mule startup code in the onPostStartup method of the lifecycle advisor so this isn't a show stopper but I'm curious as to the cause.


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    Could you copy paste the stacktrade?
    Sounds like an initialization problem. Something similar to painting to a component before it's displayable (it's not that as those give clear exceptions, not dll errors).


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      Here's an example of the error file produced. By the way, I tryed different subversions of the jvm and got the same result.


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        Maybe spring-richclient is doing something wrong, but the JVM shouldn't crash that way (it should just report a Java exception).
        I 'd recommend posting a bug on:
        because they might be able to understand the register info (google 0xc0000005 seems to be an access violation).

        In any case, it seems to be happening during the painting of an image...


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          Never even thought to google it. There's a mention of something similar on the Java technology forums. Looks like it could be an XP specific bug.

          As I mentioned this was more a curiousity that a show stopping bug since I have a work around. If I can work out how to trigger it with a simple example I'll file a bug report with Sun.