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  • Spring RC Broken with latest GlazedLists?

    Hi All,

    I thought that I'd post a question directly, has anyone encountered an issue with the event model between version 1.5.0_jdk15 and 1.6.1_jdk15 of GlazedLists.

    My program behaves differently, I've just tried in the latest version, it misses an event.

    I am using Spring rich client and Master/Details table. The component holds an ObservableEventList which extends TransformedList from GlazedLists.

    My code then grabs this list and add a listener like this:
    constituentList.addListDataListener(new ListDataListener() {
        public void contentsChanged(ListDataEvent e) {
     getLog().info("******************** contentsChanged " + e);
        public void intervalAdded(ListDataEvent e) {
     getLog().info("******************** intervalAdded " + e);
        public void intervalRemoved(ListDataEvent e) {
     getLog().info("******************* intervalRemoved " + e);
        private void recalc() {
    If I run under glazedlists 1.5.0 my listener is called.
    Under 1.6.1 it does not! no other changes (runtime swap of the libraries).

    I suspect that something has changed and that the extended class from Spring RC may not work anymore?

    Any suggestion?

    Many thanks!


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    In subversion we're currently working/testing with 1.5.0 (for jdk1.5), as decribed in the pom. Jesse of glazedlist promised me once he'd put new versions on maven central repo's, but 1.6.0 or 1.6.1 hasn't been published there though, so I haven't tested it yet. 1.6.1 should be backward compatible though, so it looks like they have a regression.

    I'd suggest asking this on their user list (it's also in or making a jira for us so we'll do it sooner or later.


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      I did and no reply, I think that it could be our class that extends their TransformedList...

      Just something to keep in mind for now...



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        Glazed Lists 1.6.x

        Hey Spring guys -- the bug with 1.6 is my fault, an unintended incompatibility with the previous rev. It's fixed now, and we'll be releasing a 1.6.2 with the fix real soon.


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          Jesse, any chance that 1.6.2 will be on the central repo?

          searchable with
 (or alternatives)


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            Nevermind that's, just saw 1.6.1 is on there ))

            Jul 20 glazedlists_java15 1.6.1

            Event-driven lists for dynamically filtered and sorted tables

            See Details


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              1.7.0 solves this problem

              ...and you can grab it here: