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  • TreeCompositeDialogPage how to use it?

    hi all,
    I would like to use TreeCompositeDialogPage but dont know how to get rid of it?
    Anyone could help, or give some piece of code how to start with it?

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    The petclinic sample use it
    Take a look at our sources (see development setup on our site)


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      Originally posted by ge0ffrey
      The petclinic sample use it
      Take a look at our sources (see development setup on our site)
      please show me, I can't find where PetClinic uses TreeCompositeDialogPage class??


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        Find "TreeCompositeDialogPage"...


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          I have done it alreade, but nothing comes up, maybe Im blind or just have got a old sample sources, where can I find the fresh one? I have checkout repository and then run "mvn install" and looked for TreeCompositeDialogPage in surces but nothing found
          please help me


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            Unfortunately, the petclinic sample app doesn't use the TreeCompositeDialogPage. It does use a tree in the main view, however.

            Basically, the TreeCompositeDialogPage is a container that organizes other dialog pages into a tree structure. You add dialog pages as nodes in the tree (look at the various addPage and addForm methods).

            Once you've constructed the hierarchy, you treat the TCDP as a regular dialog page and show it (probably in a dialog).

            I used this in a previous application, so I don't have the code handy. If the hints above don't help, I'll look at digging that code up and posting it.



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              Hmmm, I thaught I copied it from there one day

              Anyway, open
              org.springframework.richclient.samples.petclinic.u i.OwnerManagerView
              take a look at line 414 and replace TabbedDialogPage with TreeCompositeDialogPage.