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  • Integrating Spring into Eclipse RCP

    Hi all,

    I've done a fair bit of searching on using spring in Eclipse RCP applications - people seem to be doing it, but it seems there's not much consensus yet on the best way to go about it.

    For those interested, probably the best implementation I can find is

    There's also a reasonable approach at

    Does anyone have any other pointers or advice on how to best go about this? Is this something that's on the Spring roadmap at all?


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    this is spring (no spring rcp) integration


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      Well yes, you are right. Not sure what your point is though?

      FWIW I integrated the sourceforge eclipse-spring project last night - works a treat!


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        i work on integration eclipse rcp and spring rcp - application use spring rcp binding and validation (show form view in swt_awt frame - editor and tabular view in view with jtable) and eclipse rcp for action, docking views, dialog settings, preferences settings,jobs framework etc
        disadvantage - work on windows and linux only (swt_awt don't work on mac yet)

        i don't try eclipse-spring - is it only spring or spring-rcp ?


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          i see eclipse-spring - it is only eclipse-spring intergration - no spring rcp and no
          eclipse rcp

          i have prototype eclipse rcp and spring rcp intgeration and i plan make flash presentation next week (i hope)


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            Yeah, you're right, eclipse-spring is for integrating Eclipse plugins (RCP or otherwise) with Spring - that is, allowing you to wire up Eclipse Views etc using a Spring bean factory. It doesn't integrate at all with Spring RCP (although it doesn't preclude it).

            I'd be very interested in seeing what you've done with integrating Eclipse RCP and Spring RCP when its ready!



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              i finish mostly, but i can find time for presentation - demo is too big for send (eclipse rcp +spring rcp + hibernate + added libraries liek siwngx , jgoodies etc is > 30 mb)

              this is screenshot :

              you see standard eclipse views like : properties, console, error log
              navigator is my special view (swt) and it is menu for system
              editors 'Account orders', 'Account schema', 'Account order items are eclipse editors, but contents is swing with spring rcp binding and validation'
              'Account orders table' is view with Swingx JXTable and framework make and populate this table for user search cases in editor

              system use eclipse docking windows,menus,toolbars, action, jobs, dialog and othre stuff form eclipse rcp,binding and validation from spring rcp, table from swingx projects, hibernate for orm mappings, forms layout from jgoodies for swing gui, looks jgoodies l&f, jasperreports for reporting etc

              features :
              - crud operation on database,
              - search for different case (less,more,equal, between, null search, like, not like , case sensitive or no etc), as you type search,
              - as you type search
              - automatic reports and group (with aggregate function, but from form screen, without sql) reports - inline view for pdf,xls,rtf, html (possible and external views of course, but i like inline views)
              group example (you see diferent renedring for group and aggregate columns in first
              simple report :
              report view is jasper JasperViewer (swing) and output views are openoffice or internal browser
              - sorting for any number of columns , ascending or descending
              - showing and hiding columns in table view (JXTable feateure)
              - save state for form editors (for complete form no for editor or views place)
              - history for text-like field (system remember last 15 or what you save in preferences values in textual field)
              - saved search and form state (user populate complete big form and save state with name)
              - spring rcp binding and validation and added revert validation - user can type 'a' in number field or any wrong value in date field
              - eclipse rcp like preferences
              - eclipse like docking windows with prespectives,replace, resize views, fast views
              i hope that presentation will be clear and it be soon