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  • Asynchronous Remoting with Spring and ActiveMQ

    Hello all,

    Okay, I'm pretty comfortable with syncronous remoting using several methods. However, I'm not as familiar with asynchronous remoting.
    Here's a simply case study: I have 10 rich clients that each display a green sign as the user works. When some condition is met, say it's 10 minutes before the full moon, the server sends a message to switch the sign from green to red.
    Would this be something I could use ActiveMQ, or Lingo for? And if so, does anyone have a simple hello world example showing how to set up the server and client's ApplicationContext.xml as well as the Java code?


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    Lingo does this for you...

    There is an example using async one-way messaging here...

    The only thing you need to do is enable asynchronous one way requests for your service (which must be void return and have no checked exception)..


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      Well I've done this a lot of times in a SWT application we used red-green lights that monitored the status of an order. As the server changed the order it notified the client.
      We didn't use Spring at the time

      But what you could do is create a Consumer (either receiver/subscriber) and consume messages on a destination (queue/topic) and your listener would take care of the problem