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  • Hessian, how to simulate a session between client and server


    Dear Springers could you please give me a little advice?

    I started using Springframework about 2 months ago, and I am highly satisfied with its nice capabilities and also admirable simplicity of design!

    I am currently working on application which is spring-based on the server side with Acegi covering security issues. The application has C/C++ clients which connect to the server using Hessian remote protocol.

    Requirements for a client are fairly simple it needs to be authenticated on the server by username&password, and to be able to upload a file if authorized.

    By now, I have managed to create remote service and simple java client for testing, which properly uploads an array of bytes and authenticates if it has the username & password specified in the configuration file, as properties of the HessianProxyFactoryBean.

    Is there a way to programmatically set username and password directly in the client app? (Solution needed both for Java and C++ Hessian clients)

    Could you please help me a little bit:

    Is there a possibility to make bidirectional communication between client and server, with kind of a session? Let me explain a little bit the client needs to be authorized first, and after receiving appropriate message from the server it would continue file upload, or present login dialog to the user, depending on the status code received from the server.

    Can this be done just by catching Application specific and Acegi exceptions (such as BadCredentialsException), or some kind of session based communication needs to be made between client&server? (Please note that we have a C++ client!)

    What would you recommend as a proper way for implementing described communication?

    Thank you very much in advance,

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    Can somebody please help me?
    - any hint/example or literature would be highly appreciated!!!


    Thanks a lot in advance,