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  • How to use JaxWsPortProxyFactoryBean

    I am working on accessing a web service using info from the Spring docs, chap 17. I have the JAX-RPC version working with JaxRpcPortProxyFactoryBean. Now I would like to get the the JAX-WS version working with JaxWsPortProxyFactoryBean. The configuration seems simple enough, as the two configurations are almost exactly alike. But I'm not having success.

    My Spring config is just like in section 17.5.8, and the same as the RPC version, except for the JaxWsPortProxyFactoryBean. My interface is also simple
    public interface PagerService
    public String SendPageRequest(String pagerId, String message, String ipAddress);
    The note at the end of section 17.5.8 says that the example is simplified, and that my interface needs to be annotated. But if I add a @WebService annotation to the interface I get a BeanCreationException with the cause of
    class: could not be found

    I've no idea why that class would be looked for. SendPageRequest is the method call, not a class, and the package doesn't exist. I'm lost here. Can anyone help?

    More of the stack trace is:
    Caused by: class: could not be found
    at Class(
    at cessDocWrappedMethod(
    at cessMethod(
    at cessClass(
    at ldRuntimeModel(
    at er.processAnnotations( 19)
    at er.completeServiceContext(ServiceContextBuilder.ja va:87)
    at rocessServiceContext(
    at reateEndpointIFBaseProxy( 8)
    at etPort(
    at org.springframework.remoting.jaxws.JaxWsPortClient Interceptor.prepare(JaxWsPortClientInterceptor.jav a:149)
    at org.springframework.remoting.jaxws.JaxWsPortClient Interceptor.afterPropertiesSet(JaxWsPortClientInte
    at org.springframework.remoting.jaxws.JaxWsPortProxyF actoryBean.afterPropertiesSet(JaxWsPortProxyFactor
    at AutowireCapableBeanFactory.invokeInitMethods(Abstr
    at AutowireCapableBeanFactory.initializeBean(Abstract
    ... 41 more

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    You have to generate the jaxws proxy classes with apt first.


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      Thanks for your reply, but I need more information. Could you please expand on your reply?


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        Goto the JAX-WS website an read the manual for the apt-tool.