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  • RmiProxyFactoryBean / prototype / singleton


    I have a service expose on serveur with RmiServiceExporter and use on client with RmiProxyFactoryBean.

    The problem is that the remote service is a singleton.
    How to make this non singleton service.

    Thank you.

    (sorry for my english)

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    It is not the good forum or my question is not good ?


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      The very nature of a remote service like this implies that it should be a stateless service, why would you possible want it to be a non-singleton?


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        Thank you for this response.

        I want have non singleton remote service for associate with this service the user authentication.

        The user, via a remote rmi "factory-service", send login/password and if it's ok, the service respond with an non singleton instance of the requested rmi-service.

        Then the remote user have the non singleton rmi-service with a auth objet that can applies security access on the method of this rmi-service.

        In other term, i want set a contextual user property for each user of this remote-service.


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          I think i understand. So you are trying to make it so the user can't even see the remote service until they auth and then they are sent an instance of it that is associated with an auth request.

          Why not just make the rmi service a singleton but the calls in it could require the authobject and if the authobject is invalid you can just throw a SecurityException. I just don't think the rmi service should be dependant on authorization, rather the calls to it should be. I don't know much about this but it sounds like a standard pattern that is already implemented using acegi security, you should check it out.