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  • JaxRpcPortProxyFactoryBean setLookupServiceOnStartup


    I am using the JaxRpcPortProxyFactoryBean to create a JaxRpc connection to an Axis service.

    However, I want to do the service lookup when the first client call is made and not when the context is initialised.

    I use the method setLookupServiceOnStartup to state that the lookup should not be done on startup but later. The startup fails with the following messge

    org.springframework.beans.NotWritablePropertyExcep tion: Invalid property 'lookupServiceOnStartup' of bean class [org.springframework.remoting.jaxrpc.JaxRpcPortProx yFactoryBean]: Bean property 'lookupServiceOnStartup' is not writable or has an invalid setter method: Does the parameter type of the setter match the return type of the getter?

    But the class has the correct set method in the JavaDoc. So what gives?

    Here is my abstract definition in the context. (also does not work if I add it to the concreate class definitions)

    <bean id="CSCJaxRpcProxy" class="org.springframework.remoting.jaxrpc.JaxRpcP ortProxyFactoryBean" abstract="true">
    <property name="lookupServiceOnStartup">
    <property name="serviceFactoryClass">


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    If I remember correctly that setting is fairly new (since 1.2.4 or 1.2.5). Can it be you are compiling the code with 1.2.5 on the classpath and running with something older?


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      Actually I was using 2.0M2. I have now down graded to my previous version 1.2.5 and its OK