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  • CORBA remoting


    I asked once on springframework-dev forum, but got no answer. I wonder why there is no CORBA remoting in spring? I've written some preliminary support for CORBA remoting for my current project. Seems that CORBA remoting could be implemented to fit seamlesly into Spring's remoting framework. In fact i've implemented something like this, except "exporter", but seems this would be simply task. But, maybe someone tried something like this and failed, maybe there are some catches? Does anybody have an idea? Does anybody is interested in such a kind of remoting integrated with spring?

    BTW. this forum is great idea.


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    We don't have any plans to include CORBA support in the core framework. I agree: it can be added in within the consistent remoting architecture. You're most welcome to contribute your code--we really do need to set up a contrib area.



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      If we're talking about CORBA via RMI-IIOP here, that is indeed straightforward. I've just prototyped this: a JndiRmiServiceExporter, a JndiRmiClientInterceptor and a JndiRmiProxyFactoryBean. Works nicely with Sun's ORB.

      I've used the general JndiRmi* naming because of the fact that those classes do not include CORBA specifics: They just use JNDI to expose and access an RMI service, using the PortableRemoteObject class for exporting and narrowing.

      CORBA comes in through an appropriate JNDI environment that specifies a CORBA naming service and IIOP URL. This should be a plain configuration issue. Using RMI-JRMP with the JndiRmi* classes should be straightforward too, with an appropriate JNDI environment.

      As these 3 JndiRmi* classes are a simple addition to the remoting.rmi package that does not influence any other part of the framework (not even the existing RMI support), I'm inclined to include them in Spring 1.1 final. Rod, what do you think?



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        FYI, I've just committed polished versions of the JndiRmi* support classes, which can be used for RMI-IIOP. They will be part of 1.1 final.



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          Corba Remoting Question


          You wouldn't happen to have a simple example web application that uses CORBA remoting to interact with an application server using RMI-IIOP would you?

          We are about to start a web project using Spring and Sybase's EAServer application server. The business logic will be stored within EAServer.

          The web application will make CORBA calls to EAServer to invoke the business logic.

          Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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            Jta / Corba

            Thanks for your great JOB in the springframework, it always makes my life easier.

            I would like to know if there is any support for JTA transaction over CORBA ? My plan is to span a transaction between hibernate and CORBA services managed by Spring.

            Thanks in advance