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  • Remoting Factory Objects

    Hi All.

    Firstly, thanks to the developers for Spring, it's making my life easier each day I use it and it's a fine bit of work!

    I've got a question which is similar in nature I think to the "Automatic remoting of managed objects" topic above. Essentially, I have a Factory object that is used to create instances of a class which I wish to be remote also (To follow the accounts example, Account AccountManager.getAcount(int acctno) for example).

    I've got a traditional RMI version of this code where the object created by the factory is Remote and the appropriate stubs are used by the client, but since Spring makes it so much nicer to work with Remote objects through dynamic proxies, I'd like to move to Spring based Remoting. My problem is that it's not clear from the section on remoting if it's possible to get this desired behaviour (The result of a method call being a reference to a remote object instead of being serialized). The docs hint that all in/out and return values must be serializable, but I was wondering if Spring might do anything clever such as detect the presence of a Remote marker interface or provide some other way to return remote object references rather than serializing the result?

    Many thanks for your time,