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  • Work in a closed environment and need the dependencies for 3.0.5

    The 3.0.2 version made working in closed environments easy. We simple request the to the security folks and everything works reasonably well after a couple of weeks. I did not see anything like this for 3.0.5. Will this be available or is there some way to generate this file?

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    Spring with Dependencies access

    Due to the prevalence of Maven (and other build tool) usage in the Spring development community, a couple of versions ago we stopped packaging and distributing the complete Spring with dependencies bundle.

    If you would like to create your own local, transitively complete version of the Spring with dependencies bundle it can done with Maven via the mvn dependency:copy-dependencies command. You can learn about this command at this page in the Maven docs. Basically, you can setup a pom.xml (easy to do with SpringSource Tool Suite for example) with just a dependency on the spring core libraries and then run the command.


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      Spring 3.0.5 dependency libraries

      I used maven to download all dependencies, but in some packages like org.springframework.orm I get errors because it cannot find toplink libraries in maven repository (errors in other packages too). It will be really convenient for us to get the spring distribution along with the dependencies. Please reconsider your decision and bundle the dependent libraries.


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        Re: Spring with Dependencies access

        Are you actually using Toplink in your application? There are many libraries that are listed as optional dependencies for Spring including Toplink. If you don't need those optional libraries you can remove them from your copy of the Spring ORM pom.xml file and only include the libraries you need. Once you re-run mvn dependency:copy-dependencies you will then get the dependencies tailored to your needs.

        If you really are getting numerous errors resolving your dependencies, that is a little unusual. Please check your network and proxy settings to make sure that maven is actually able to contact the locations necessary. You might want to do a mvn clean install before you copy down your dependencies to make sure your pom is up to date with all the latest locations.

        If that does not resolve your problems and you are still getting errors, you can always post your stack trace here in the forums and someone should be able to help you.

        Adam FitzGerald