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  • Job (project) Opportunity - Web services / remoting

    We've got a project due first thing next week that requires us to make some calls to an vendor's existing Web Service. The pseudo code would look something like this:

    //get an authentication ticket
    theTicket = GetAuthorizationTicket(adminLogin, adminPassword)
    // log the user in or create a new account 
    personID = GetEncryptedPersonID(login, firstName, lastName,
    // Update the users cart
    status = UpdateUserCart(personID, ItemID, "show", "add")
    All of those calls are WebService calls. Most of the parameters are non-remote variables (mostly just Strings).

    Since nobody on our team has done Web Services stuff yet, I'd like to job this out.

    Your job would be to integrate the above calls into our existing Spring/Hibernate/WebWork app and to have a couple of telephone calls with me so that I can come up to speed enough to at least sound vaguely intelligent about what this project is doing. :-)

    This is a contract-project. Paid either hourly or as a flat fee (that's negotiable). $$'s to be negotiated after I telephone interview you and before you get going.

    We're located in Seattle but telecommuting anywhere <= PST +3 is fine. I just don't want you so far away that I have to get up in the middle of the night to talk to you on the phone.

    Note that the deadline here is short. We've got a week to get this work done. I'm not too worried about this, the amount of work seems almost trivial given what I've read about Spring's Web Services support.

    It's also probably worth noting we are not Spring newbies. We have some big, complex, apps running for some big clients. We just haven't done any Web Services stuff yet and I'd like some handholding/consulting the first time out.

    Please respond directly to...

    ...and put "Spring Web Services Project" in the subject line so that my spam-filter stands a chance of letting your email through.

    Thanks guys!

    Gary Affonso
    Greywether, Inc.