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  • What's the recommended "maybe a bug" reporting pro

    Hi -

    Quick meta-question - I've discovered a few things that look/feel like minor spring bugs*, but I can't be 100% sure. What's the recommended path for discussing these:

    1) report to this list (springframework-user)
    2) report to the online forum ( - but which forum)
    3) both of the above
    4) report as a bug to JIRA anyway?

    I'm (as you can tell) a bit confused by the multiplicity of channels available...

    I've tried 1,2 & 3 so far, to no avail (and used 4 successuflly, but only for somehting I was 100% sure of)



    (cross posted to springframework-users list)


    * namely, FYI:
    • 1) Problem with static factory methods (<bean id="N" factory-method="M" class="T">) where factory-method M returns an object whose type is not a subtype of class T) -- missing exception on startup? / failure to detect type of bean N based on return type of M.

      2) Problem with instance factory methods(<bean id="N" factory-method="M" factory-bean="B">) where factory-method M is not called on startup, and isn't included when you do getBeansOfType(Object.class), but is available when you do getBean(N) (the method M only called when bean is requested by Name)
      part of

      3) Problem with multiple AbstractDependencyInjectionSpringContextTests with different configLocations being run from within eclipse's junit pane.<br />
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    What's the recommended path for discussing these
    Well AFAIK...If you sure or fairly sure it's a bug, reporting it to JIRA will ensure it gets looked at - it won't get lost.

    Anything else is probably worth researching a bit more - if you need help the forums and user lists are a good way to do this.


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      Well, I'm convinced enough to report them on JIRA, so I did!


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        Very good - this way they won't get lost. I was just re-looking at FactoryBeans - I haven't used that part of the API (getBeansOfType, getBeanNamesForType) - and they weren't exactly what I expected - but I have to go through the documentation first. Certainly normal factory beans seem to behave differently from ones that extend org.springframework.beans.factory.FactoryBean - which I find strange.