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  • Suggestion re: new posts requirement

    Currently, new forum participants are prevented from posting cut&paste code samples in new posts until they have started a minimum of 15 new threads.

    Not being able to post exactly what your code is makes it hard for a respondent to rapidly troubleshoot the question, as they must undo what the original poster had to do (substituting characters, munging schema URIs, etc.).

    Rather than a hard 15 post requirement, why not simply add an additional authentication mechanism (like the graphics-based character strings) for new posts with "questionable" content UNTIL the user has passed 15 posts, at which point the use is free and clear to post without the additional step.

    I think this would be a fair compromise, as it allows the user to post valid markup and code with a minimum of pain. It would also prevent the occasional "Two Minute Hate" which leads some, like myself , to simply post enough new threads to be able to get their message posted as it was composed.

    Just a thought,


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    That sounds like a good idea.. but implementation might be difficult.