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  • swing world doubts

    Hello guys

    i hope your help to clear my doubts

    like Web applications has a controller in the mvc

    this has its equivalent in swing?
    it must be written by the developer or exists frameworks to do this approach?

    i see everywhere that
    The hardest work here is not with the JTable but its TableModel.
    of course world of jdbc with ResultSet job

    so i guess that our members instead of work swing/jdbc use really swing/hibernate way
    , really i dont know

    i am lost with swing, i see that the examples mix swing design with business logic in one class, but it is not smart

    some comments are welcome

    thanks in advanced

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    MVC has its origins in GUI programming and was only modified for web programming. So I'm pretty sure you just have to look around for documentation on that.



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      As Jörg said there's lots of documentation out there, just have a search. I also think the Swing tutorial has some examples of this in action.


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        thanks for the replies guys

        sadly my time is a hell right now to see this



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          It shouldn't take too long, searching for "Swing MVC" yields some helpful articles.


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            Have not used it personally, but the frameworks based on Naked Objects come up frequently in discussions related to Swing based applications. They provide some layered architecture for UI applications. You may have a look there.

            - Debasish


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              Hello Debasish

              thanks by the link
              this weekend i should carefully read the page



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                as someone else mentioned, Swing is heavily based on MVC but I'd agree, a lot of the learn swing examples you find out there do not translate into good code in a real project.

                I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to do but I'd look at these places:
                i) Spring RCP. While its a beta level project it is very useable and if you're familiar with Spring it should be easy to pick up. It basically implements a lot of the support intrastructure any swing project will probably need.
                ii) JIDE. Commercial, but not expensive and well worth it. Free licenses for open source projects. They've recently released a application development framework that, again, aims to provide needed infrastructure (which I've not used)
                iii) Netbeans platform. I've not developed an application using it but they've put a lot of work in recently and it might be worth a look.
                iv) JGoodies. A couple of subprojects, one aimed at form layout and bean binding, the other at look and feel.
                v) SwixML. Swing applications are essentially a nested hierarchy of components and this project allows you to define your application, menus etc. in an XML tree.

                Basically, they all attempt to provide the much needed infrastructure any swing application needs, and, much like Spring, they help you down the path of writing good code by having clear separation of concerns, implemented best practices, etc.

                Also, they are all swing and so they can be complementary. For example, I've written code to integrate Spring RCP and JIDE, and I've used the Netbeans graph package outside of a netbeans applications.



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                  Hello Jonny

                  thanks so much for take your time writing you explanation
                  i appreciate

                  thank you

                  again, i should read this the weekend

                  best wishes