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  • Digital book editions

    I like that "Expert one-on-one J2EE without EJB" is available as a PDF . Is it possible to purchase the first book (E1:1 D&D) as a digital edition? It's great to be able to carry my reference library with me to client sites. PDF's are cheaper too. :wink:

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    Not AFAIK. Unfortunately that book's marketing etc. suffered a bit from the fact that the old Wrox Press collapsed a few months after it came out. Wiley bought the rights to it, but they inherited a pretty chaotic situation due to the rapidity of shutting down the old Wrox office.

    Nevertheless, I'll speak to my publisher at Wiley and see if anything can be done.



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      Digital Edition DRM painful

      Thank you for the follow-up. BTW, the DRM process to purchase "E1:1 J2EE w/o EJB" was quite painful. I don't know to whom to complain: Amazon, Wiley or Adobe. Mostly it seemed like Adobe Reader wouldn't recognize the mime types from the various web services involved. I had to create html documents with links where I could use "Save Target As..." Even the Adobe activation wouldn't automatically work. I retrieved and saved a SOAP document that when I double clicked it, Adobe Reader opened it and started the activation process.

      To download the book, I created an html document and added the Amazon digital locker link to it. I used "Save Target As..." to retrieve another html document containing a second link. Adding it to the html document and using "Save Target As..." again, it saved a document with a .ebx (eBook eXchange?) extension. Double-clicking that file started the download process in Reader. Double-clicking the .ebx file caused Reader to delete or move it during the process; I don't remember what it contained exactly.

      Of course trying those steps a second time after successfully getting the book produced an error saying my order was already fulfilled.

      If problems like these purchasing eBooks are a common experience, most people probably won't put up with the hassle. Non-technical people certainly won't use the steps that I did.

      Check out I purchased a subscription to Spring Live without any complicated DRM issues.