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  • Spring unzip takes unusually long time

    I recently downloaded and uzipped release 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 a couple of weeks apart to install on a P4 2.8 GHz machine and I was surprised at how long it takes to unzip the package. I used the Windows XP built-in unzip utility.

    Has anyone else noticed this? I've downloaded many packages that are much larger and have a similar number of files and directories and I've never seen anything take this long to unzip.

    Nothing wrong with Spring itself, but I thought I'd just mention it out of curiosity.

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    I guess this is caused by the fact that there are a lot of files in the zip file, mainly because of the JavaDoc.



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      Also, if you have an on-access virus scanner, it may be scanning files as they are written to your target directory during the unzip.

      I had this problem and chose to configure it not to scan certain directories. I unzip new downloads to those specific directories. Of course, you'll have to evaluate your own tolerance for risk of viruses!



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        No virus scanner running

        Maybe I just underestimated the actual amount of files in the archive as ev9d9 suggests. I had no virus scanner running when it happened. I also forgot to mention that I downloaded the "-with-dependencies" version, although maybe that just adds a few jars to the standard one, making that a negligible difference.

        I also believe that there are optional, varying compression levels for a Zip file. If I'm not mistaken, higher compression ratios take longer to compress (and uncompress) with the benefit of smaller compressed archives. Maybe this is an option being used for the Spring dist.


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          I assume you're using Windows ? This is something that happens often when using Windows.

          Under Linux it's just about a few seconds so it the OS, not the archive.


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            I was unzipping the 1.1.2 zip (with dependencies I think) on Windows XP and got a "filename too long" error. Could this be related?