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  • Meaning of Interface21?

    Spring history question: what is the meaning of the name Interface21? I know that the original pre-Spring codebase was named Interface21, but why was the framework named this in the first place?


    -Arthur Loder

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    Only Rod can answer that. I could make a practical guess, original spring started out with 21 interfaces. and implementation got bigger over the period. All I remember reading once, Rod started out with a small framework for the place he was working at and after that he realized how nice it was and how big a room it has to evolve to a full blown j2ee framework. I am not sure if idea came from Brad Appleton's Pizza Inversion.


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      Only a guess...

      First: I do not know.
      That said, I would also like to make a guess

      I think the code base had been packaged using Rod's company name (which is named Interface21). As far as I recall the framework was just code accompanying his book and was afaik never referred to by a specific name.

      As of the name itself I would guess that it might mean something like "interface to the 21st century" or so. Just an idea, though.

      Maybe Rod can enlighten us.

      Just my 2cents,


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        Andreas is close. I actually registered the domain name in 1998. (Interface21 was founded in its present form in 2004.)

        Interface was a play on the OO concept (and my love of it) and the notion of an interface to a system--at that point in time I was involved in web-enabling legacy systems.

        Yes, 21 stands for 21st century, as in 20th Century Fox. I believe now they're just Fox, so we may need to drop the 21 in 2099. :-)


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          Originally posted by Rod Johnson
          so we may need to drop the 21 in 2099. :-)
          ...and don't forget to reserve the interface22 domain betimes, just in case



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            I always figured that interface21 was to avoid catch22 chicken-and-egg initialization problems.