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  • too many registrations/logins: sourceforge, JIRA, forum, ...

    I know that it is the best solution, but I am annoyed by registering at so many places just to state my 2cents somewhere.
    I wanted to leave a comment for JDBC-based bean definitions
    But I hate to register at JIRA again.
    And I do not like to search in thousand (JIRA, Confluence, Docs, mailarchives, forum,... ) places now for something usefull.
    But anyway. I like spring and therefore I will take this burden. :wink:

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    In fact, the Spring Confluence and Jira login are shared. We have now consolidated email and forums support to these new forums, so in this respect the number of places where people need to look/register for answers (ie search historical stuff, or post new queries) has gone down, unless I'm missing something.

    I agree that it'd be nice to share login info between Confluence/Jira _and_ the forums, but this is pretty hard due to the nature of the software in question.



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      Shame CAS could not be used to create a "Spring Community Login". It would certainly prepare for any future requirements. There are plenty of different languages supported by CAS, including PHP: