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    Originally posted by NicolasPeeters
    Although this is not a Maven 2 support site, here's a cool Maven plugin lookup tool:
    I prefer but the maven guys are making their own version I think: "Archiva".


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      I agree with you... Especially since the latter is down nowadays!


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        maven2 spring dependencies

        hi all,
        i m struggling with maven2 & spring dependencies./.
        i have an app that depends on spring jar files...
        i have placed this in my pom.xml


        but in running mvn it alwas end up tryiing to download commons-test-0.1
        somehow, it does not download it and my app ends in error....
        could anyone help me out please?

        thanks in advance and regards


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          The jar isn't there, only the pom. Ask on the maven user list why ( is an easy way to ask a question there)


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            PS: you could also just <exclusions> it as a dependency.
            It might need to be marked optional in the spring pom anyway.

            Anyway, the good news is that one of the i21 promised to get good quality pom's available for 2.0


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              Ben Hale working on creating poms for 2.0 release

              Check this post out:



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                In the mean time, simply download the full spring.jar and install it in manually in your Maven repository using the following command:

                mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=org.springframework -DartifactId=spring -Dversion=2.0-rc4 -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=spring.jar -DgeneratePom=true

                Then you can use this dependency in your POM.

                Sure it's not as "clean" as automatically downloading the JAR and its dependencies from iBiblio, but you won't have to migrate back to Ant.


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                  Good tip

                  Thanks for the tip! I am working on an example using the petportal application and Maven2. My hope is that anyone working from any machine will be able to download it and package it up, without resorting to using specialized Maven settings. I'm not in too much of a rush. It looks like pretty soon those POM files will be up.