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  • maven 2

    i really like Spring, but the release M2, M3 and M4 doesn't have support for Maven 2 and i think it's a shame.
    I wanted to use Maven2, but now i have to switch back to Ant, thank you very much. Please change this soon, it's very important in my opinion.


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    You are not alone

    Carlos uploaded those of m4 yesterday it seems.
    You can use maven2 if you depend on spring, but making your own internal repository, similar to how acegi and spring-richclient do it.


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      Maven 2 - open JIRA issues

      What about the current production release 1.2.8? I couldn't find it on ibiblio.

      There are several open issues on JIRA:

      Please deploy actual versions to the maven repo because it's a lot of extra work to put spring in the local repo and manage the dependencies manually.

      In addition some of the old versions are overlapping because they are partially available with the groupIds spring, springframework, org.springframework.
      Which groupId is the official one?



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        org.springframework is the official groupId
        springframework is legacy from Maven 1

        Note that spring doesn't produce upload bundles (yet) AFAIK and Carlos Sanchez is doing all the work of adding new version to Ibiblio.
        Because Acegi is build with maven 2, you 'll find the bundles are uploaded soon after release.


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          I tried to upgrade to Spring 2.0 M5 but it seems that the pom.xml is missing from the ibiblio maven2 repository. I have a lot of problems because of the missing dependency informations.
          I know that the Spring is not built with maven 2 but I just wanted to express my needs of having Spring in Maven2 repositories hoping that this will be resolved soon.
          From what I read in Jira there's no mention to maven 2. I'm pleased to see al this work done arround Spring and in Spring itself and for that I thank the Spring team and the community but I think the maven 2 is a "must be".

          Thank you for doing it right.


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            Same is with 1.2.8.


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     is an easy way to check with versions of spring etc are in the central repo.

              I also saw that spring-webflow might move from cvs to svn and chance directory structure to maven 2's default, which indicates that they might start writing pom.xml's Do note that their build is huge and a migration won't happen over night.


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                pom for 1.2.8 is still missing on central mirror


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                  Originally posted by DeKi
                  pom for 1.2.8 is still missing on central mirror
         well as 2.0-m5 is missing ;-(


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                    Vote for
                    It has a patch made by Carlos Chanchez to maven2ize spring.
                    Also in the free maven 2 book he described how to migrate spring's 2.0-M?'s ANT build to maven 2.

                    I saw Rob and Juergen using maven 2 in an example on SpringOne and they seem to be aware of oppurtinity maven 2 offers


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                      Spring in maven2 repo


                      You find the spring framework on the following path


                      there you find all versions: 1.2.8 as well as 2.0-m5



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                        There are only jar-files. The required poms are missing.


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                          Specifying the dependencies on the pom worked for me, not exatly how it's supposed to be I guess but here are the jars I had to add:


                          <!--dependencies needed to get Spring to work?-->
                          </dependency> <dependency>


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                            Just found a blog about the missing pom's:



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                              Although this is not a Maven 2 support site, here's a cool Maven plugin lookup tool: