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  • VMware/Spring "certification" in the news

    It appears that the certification process for Spring is making the news. I have seen comments in several places. Here is one:

    The comment appears in the comments section of the article and reads as follows:

    When there is a shortage in a specific skill, that shortage is often engineered by the very corporations that claim there is a shortage.

    After graduating from college, US STEM workers are in a constant mode of "retooling" in which we try to acquire training in emerging technologies. At the same time, Corporate America is erecting insurmountable financial barriers that often prevents US STEM workers from acquiring those skills while simultaneously employing and paying Indian counterparts to learn the same technology. Then the same corporation sends the Indian worker into the US on work visas to take jobs that would have otherwise gone to employ US workers.

    Websphere is a technology for which corporate America claims there is a shortage. Websphere was recently purchased by IBM. US STEM workers who want to become certified Websphere technologists must pay IBM $15,000 for five weeks of training, while training in India is not only free, IBM is paying Indian workers to learn Websphere. Then IBM ships those same Indian workers into the US on H-1B visas, L-1 visas, and B-1 visas.

    VMware owns Spring, another technology for which corporate America claims there is a shortage. Training can be accomplished in only a few weeks, one week per certification, but the US STEM worker has to pay VMware $3000 per certification/week of training. Then simultaneously, VMware is printing up FREE certifications for Indians who are trained by corporate America so that the trained Indians can be sent to the US on work visas.

    For many skills, corporate America is ENGINEERING these skills shortages. IBM, VMware, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Bank of America, all of them and more are engaged in an activity of trying to destroy the skills of the US workforce for the sake of a short term profit.