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  • The registeration process is hell


    I just registered to this forum to report a bug. It took me 10 minutes to register to this forum. 10 minutes! It's not acceptable. I'll explain why.

    The password is not saved

    Everytime I fail anything, I have to retype the password.

    The visual captcha image

    It's way too hard. I've had a dozen tries before I could successfully pass it... Too many colors, letters in the same colors of the squares, circles, whatever. The first ones I tried, I didn't pass. In the end, I pressed refresh button until I could properly read one. And I skipped those... a lot!

    The "No Spam!" question

    - Why does it have to change everytime I fail anything? Change it only when the answer is incorrect! Failing this means having to redo the captcha (and retyping the password).
    - I had the question about the sister of my father. What is she? "my aunt" isn't a proper answer apparently. What did the system expect?

    The "fill in the blank" question

    Again? Do I really have to fill _another_ dummy question to check that I'm a human? This is a joke, seriously!

    The TOS acceptance

    I clicked it the first time, then I failed some of the previous questions and somehow the checkbox became unchecked. When I got through the previous questions, I failed on this one and had to start failing to check it means start from scratch (password, captcha, no spam).

    In the end, to have a full proper form filled, it took me 10 minutes! I don't understand how people get through here and there is no more complaints. This is the most painful registeration I've gone through.

    Now that I'm registered, I'm quite happy I don't have to go through it again, but well, I strongly recommend that you review the process to register to these forums for the future people, yes, even if it's a vBulletin software. This is SpringSource, don't tell me you can't design a proper forum with a correct registeration process in Spring...