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  • Spring framework updated and complete tutorials and books

    Hello guys I'm an "agile" seasoned Rails, Grails and Yii developer, I use this frameworks in my daily work and I'm very satisfied with them, now I have to learn Spring Framework for a new very big project, but I'm very disappointed and frustrated cause I can't find a really helpful and updated 3.x tutorial for Spring

    many resources on the web (blog, sample apps, the petclinic store, etc.), many books, but nothing satisfies my needs,
    many tutorials related to Spring 2/2.5
    many tutorials related only to Spring MVC or JPA or whatever but nothing related to a full stack example Spring MVC/pojos/JPA with STS
    many books are outdated with xml hell boilerplate configurations, many books explaining what Spring Framework IS, but nothing to show HOW TO get things done top to bottom in a full app

    I want a step by step complete tutorial app covering JSF or Spring 3 MVC + pojos + JPA/Hibernate implementation, with annotations and showing correct scaffolding practices in Springsource Tool Suite

    In my library I have tons of complete docs for Grails, Rails, Yii, so I can't believe there's nothing complete and updated for Spring...
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    We're painfully aware of this problem and looking to produce some new tutorials in 2013 that focus more on putting parts of the stack together.

    You may want to join our linkedIN group as that topic comes up frequently and you can see many reponses:

    In the meantime, I'd check out
    and (not "offical" vmware but is a personal effort by one of our spring committers)

    also, there does appear to be lots of stuff on the web, but obviously we can't make any statements about quality there.


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      Also, the book 'Spring Recipes 2nd Edition' has little recipes that cover all the things you are trying to do including

      - Spring 3.x
      - Spring MVC
      - Spring & Hibernate
      - Spring & JPA
      - Spring JSF
      - possibly some discussion of STS

      I think Craig Walls' excellent "Spring in Action" might also be something to investigate.
      Either way you should be able to File > Import > choose maven project for all the code in either book.



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        phumphrey, thank you for the answer
        I don't like Spring in Action because it explains what Spring IS, but, you know, a typical Rails (and Grails) book contains an app example, every chapter discuss how to build the app step-by-step, at the end of the book the app is fully functional, and that's what I need to learn HOW Spring works "on the road"

        Surfing the web I found this on Amazon

        and this

        seems a bit confusing and heretic :-) approach (Spring + Netbeans) but I'll give it a try


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          ok, time is passing and nothing happens


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            believe me, something IS happening.

            Ironic that you send this message today - why don't you check back on Sept 10th and tell me what you think?

            Also, I had overlooked this existing resource, perhaps it may help you now:



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              hi phumphprey
              thank you for your answer, I really appreciate your work, but I don't appreciate Springsource policy, missing documentation is a big trouble for developers
              I'm not ironic, I'm realistic, I'm a developer high in demand, I can't spend one month or two to learn a new framework because of lack of good documentation and clear tutorials, and my guest can't wait months to have a working product
              I've tried Oracle JEE7 with Netbeans but, again, documentation is awful, like Spring documentation spending tons of words and little snippets of code to show what JEE IS but here again no full example step by step working apps to show HOW JEE works in practical (little separate examples are useful and counterproductive)
              now I suppose Java nowadays is a language too overbloated and complex for a beginner who need a quick start
              I'm back to Ruby On Rails and similars
              but on sept 10th I'll be here again, cause I appreciate your work
              thank you
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