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  • Test Coverage of Spring

    I'm planning to use various spring libraries in a mission-critical system. The client asks us to provide unit tests with 70% statement coverage of any code we develop for this project. We're allowed to use open source libraries, but the client wants some information about how much testing has been applied to these libraries, preferably including the unit test coverage achieved. Clearly I'm not going to write my own unit tests for Spring code just to satisfy this, but I was thinking, surely someone has written unit tests for spring libraries. Is there any public information on this (e.g. the test plan or objectives, test code, results)? Has anyone measured the coverage achieved by the tests? I've searched for this info on-line but couldn't find much. Maybe it's somewhere in Spring JIRA system, or the Git hub, or the Gradle build configuration?

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    The core Spring Framework project has extensive test coverage, though we don't currently have an exact metric, as we have not yet set up Sonar or another code coverage mechanism since the move to Gradle.

    There are over 10,000 JUnit tests that run each time a commit is made to the framework, and all commits that change code are required to have tests.

    You can review the tests at Each module (e.g. spring-core, spring-context, spring-tx) has respective src/main/java and src/test/java directories. The JUnit tests are within the latter.


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      Test Coverage of Spring

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